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I have noticed that when I return to LiveJournal, I still cannot break free from high school habits. Such as when I still liked anime. I barely ever watch anime anymore since it has become quite drawn out and repetitive. The themes always seem the same and shows have become predictable. When an anime breaks the mold, it becomes overrun with filler and flashback scenes.

Why does this connect with LJ? All my icons are still anime related. XD I guess it is because I enjoy the cuteness and artwork. When I studied Japanese over the summer at Middlebury since we could only watch Japanese programming, I got bored and watched ToraDora and Shiki. The reason I have icons of ToraDora is due to the fact it reminds of an summer full of memories.

My friends at school always look at me and can't believe I ever watched anime or are an Asian Studies focus who doesn't watch it. Funny how stereotypes work. Just because I am studying Japanese and eventually Korean, they believe I am an otaku.

I like the politics and the fashion best.

My advisor was almost stunned when I told him I wasn't obsessed with anime.
This past semester, I sat in a Developments in 20th Century Fiction class discussing the 'Social Network' in contrast to David Foster Wallace's 'Brief Interviews with Hideous Men'. The topic revolved around how people were losing touch with the world surrounding them. Despite the fact I have not yet seen 'The Social Network', my professor brought up how everyone in the theater laughed when the creators of Facebook discussed their Livejournals.

How times have quickly changed from when LJ was the center of the social networking world. Now people turn to Twitter and Facebook for quick blips of information instead of lamenting and expressing themselves through their own words. I cannot remain scott-free from this phenomenon. I have a Twitter and a Facebook that I avidly use.

I suppose if people wish to share their ideas and daily lives, they now turn to Blogger and other blogging websites. I still miss the days where I looked forward to posting on my Livejournal. Even though I hardly pay any attention to it, I will always associate most of my high school life and memories with the words I etched in this cyberspace niche.
I started writing again. I feel accomplished and a lot better for some reason.

I realized passive voice is my biggest problem. Now I need to work on it. :]
Well, I saw him over break while standing in the backroom talking to a bunch of people and holding a large empty box.

"Hey Kyla. How are you?"

"Good... I have a box!" Shining a large goofy smiling at him which only led to him laughing to himself and walking away.

I'm smooth like I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Butter.
Stupid flower. Stupid, stupid flower! Everything was so much simpler before you popped up last week.

I'm confused.
I revoke my last entry due to current events. Thank goodness for going home this weekend or I would seriously kill someone.

The fact of the matter is that personally I am not mad about the entire situation. Instead I'm only a little peeved, miffed, or annoyed. Now that everything has been placed on the table there doesn't seem like anything else left to do. The ball is no longer in our court and now the change needs to be made from the other side. Everyone just needs space now which is gladly what the weekend will provide. Another good thing to do would not be tell someone something and then go tell another person something else. No one likes to be played and you're a horrible player. You think that you are coming off as mature and intellectual by 'trading up', but all you are doing is alienating the people who will be there for you once your world comes crashing down. The "Holier-Than-Thou" act does not really work.

Both sides stated their case and maybe there are improvements that both sides need to be made. Right now, everyone just needs a cooling down period before actual, rational conversation can be introduced. I may be a little annoyed, but I will still be your friend and even though both parties tried... I'm not going to take a side.

At least Freshmen Snowball is in two weeks!
Dear Providence College,

Thank you for being less dramatic than high school.

Love, Kyla.
This journal is reaching its 2nd birthday. Huzzah~ Yet I never have the time or the energy to ever update it anymore.

Senior events begin this week which means time is running out on high school. Prom's in a week and with all the needless drama surrounding the limo, of all things, it better be a good night. It probably won't since some people will go there expecting a horrible time and bring down the mood. Senior Prom should not even be about the date or the what ride they show up in, but to some people that seems all too important. Thankfully, I have a pretty bomb date and he's alive. Woo! Last night I perhaps had one of the weirdest dreams involving him and a prom. Prom was only a day away and Scotty was dead. Yikes. Apparently his roof caved in leading to his demise. Obviously I was pretty upset in the dream and wandered around trying to prove he wasn't dead. Upon waking up, I had to go online to see if he was alive.

He's alive.

Lately I've been playing Harvest Moon on my little DS. The game aggravates the hell out of me mainly because I'm quite an impatient person and the game takes a lot of time. Your character is supposed to marry one of the other characters in the game. Forget-Me-Not-Valley is short on 'hotties' so the options are quite limited. There's the 40-year-old barkeep who only enjoys talking about bar keeping, the hippie who has a banana nose and needs to shave, the intellectual archeologist who believes he's better than everyone else, the emo farm boy, the flamboyant 'heart' thief that only comes out late at night, and finally the stereotypical lazy egotistical blond. There's one other boy whom I have chosen for my character. The only problem is he only comes around during the summer season making it quite difficult to make them fall in love. So far I've gotten him up to a blue heart meaning I only have two more hearts to go before I have to get the stupid, blue feather, a house upgrade, and do all that other jazz. Also you have to get sixty farming sprites freed alongside the Harvest Goddess. I only have 30 stupid sprites freed.

Stupid, addicting game.

Work has sort of been going well. Since it's new, it provides an escape away from the school drama. Since it's the end of the lovely year, everyone's getting sick of each other and are all ready to move on. Making friends wasn't too bad, considering I'm grossly out of practice thanks to being with the same people since elementary school. Many of the new people I've befriended are of the male gender which is odd considering at school most of my friends are female. The store is a gossip mill where if something goes on, everyone knows the next day. Yesterday in my month of working there, my drawer finally came out even on a day when I was scheduled to work. For quite sometime, I've only come out even when I was called in.

Haha, yeahhh.

I have also met my long-lost, male twin through work. :3

This entry was longer and geekier then I intended it to be. :]
Seriously, you lied to me twice over the course of four to five months because you were freakin' jealous of me becoming best friends with Scotty then deciding to go to prom with him. He's like my little sister in all honesty.

Yeah. When I said, "I'm over this." It meant I was over talking about it. You can't expect me to be okay with you meddling in my personal life and lying about in a matter of hours. When I get pissed, I generally need a few days to cool down.

So give me some space, jeeze. Stop texting my friends about it, too. Just grow up.


I now feel somewhat better.
You know there's something seriously wrong with the world when people start shipping Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as a couple. Oh my.

Tomorrow I begin work as a cashier at Brigido's. Yay! First thing I will do is put aside money so Scotty doesn't have to worry about paying for the prom limo or other expenses. All he has to worry about is getting his little tux and splitting the ticket with me. Then I shall get my Nintendo DS. Bwahaha. :]

Back to my Anthropology Paper~